Price Givens
I build things on the internet.
Post your suggestions to If you need help or have a technical question reach out to the person that invited you to beta test Tangled Social. Beta users please refer to to see development tasks we are working on prior to inviting more users. Many people want freedom of speech with special exceptions based on bias, fear or fragility. When you attempt to define freedom it ceases to exist. Not everyone is able to deal with that. has no ambition to make you feel good at the expense of everyone else's right. If you disagree, you are free to make a Tangled Social group, attract an audience and complain amongst yourselves. All content is permitted on Tangled Social as long as it is not illegal under Federal United States law. Anyone will be able to earn by moderating content. For more information see Tangled supports exceptional content creators through Tangled Studios. Go to for more information. Tangled Social users earn 2,000 MLX every 15 minutes. Use the Tangled Browser and earn 4,000 MLX every fifteen minutes. Download the Tangled Browser at addresses